Finally, I can complain freely

In messing with my new Kindle Fire and downloading a ton of stuff, apps included, I found a cool one that registers your complaints to companies. I love this idea because I often leave places saying, “I’m going to write them a strongly worded letter, I say!” But I cool off and forget by the time we get home. The app I found is called ComplainApp and I got it from on their special section for Kindle apps, but it also downloaded and works well on my Android phone. I haven’t been tempted to use it yet for anything new, so I filed a running complaint I’ve had about the Shell station in town. The staff is horrible and hardly speak English. I always leave there in a rage and have stopped using Shell altogether because of it. The app connects with your Twitter and Facebook accounts, also LinkedIn if you have it (I don’t) and finds the appropriate company and registers your complaint on their Twitter feed or Facebook wall. It then tracks your complaint until it is resolved, you escalate the complaint (by resending or sending new complaints) or close the complaint. I think this is great. You can actually get your problem across without chewing out some low-man on the totem pole that doesn’t deserve it and can’t do anything about it (and coming off like a total b*tch in the process). Plus, you might get some coupons or comped stuff out of the whole thing. I’ve only registered the one complaint, but I can tell this will be used often with me. I am pretty sure it was free, so maybe give it a try. I haven’t been compensated or contacted by this company for my review, I just think it’s cool and am passing it on to you, dear reader.

~ by accordingtoleanne on October 30, 2012.

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