Activate Winter Mode!

Hootie (the spotted one on the rug) and Lucy-Furr (black one) have both decided that it’s time to activate winter mode. This means they sit by the fireplace constantly whether it’s on or not. If it isn’t, they will stare you down and cry until you build it. They’ve also both been vying the primo spots on the electric blanket in bed at night.

Hootie has been experimenting with some jackets, but hasn’t found one he approves of yet. TJ gave us two from her Jack Russell, but the one Hootie really liked (it’s exactly like his blankie) is a bit heavy for him. I’d say it’s about 2lbs, but when you only weigh 10-15lbs, that’s a lot. The other one he likes because it’s lighter, but he gets messed up when he’s walking. I might have to have a sweater knit for him or something. Poor little dude. Lucy-cat is fine with her thick Northwestern coat and is rarely cold, which is good because putting a jacket on her would be like trying to shove a feeding tube down her throat.

Hootie with his blankie-like jacket

With the lighter jacket


~ by accordingtoleanne on October 18, 2012.

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