Lace Shade

In honor of National Lace Day (who makes up these holidays?!) I’ve got a project for you. At the end you’ll have a beautiful lace lamp shade. I got the idea from

You’ll need:

Balloons -I used 12 inch ones because I couldn’t find the huge round ones I wanted to use. $0.99

Lace- I ran out of time to look for lace, so I spent more than I could have. You’ll need about 10 pieces to do 2 12 inch balloons, more for the larger ones, doilies work great, but scraps are good too. $20 (although I think you could spend half as much with a little hunting)

Modge Podge- or something similar. I used a whole jar on my 2 12 inch shades. $8

Misc supplies- Some newspaper to cover your workspace, a glass or bowl to hold up the balloons, scissors, a paintbrush and string to hang them with.

First, bleach your lace overnight. Most pieces have yellowing or stains. Dry them completely. Set out your newspaper and blow up your balloon(s). Tie on your string now too. Set out other supplies. You may also want to wear some rubber gloves, it’s messy!

Now that you’re set up, lay the lace out on the newspaper and paint generously with adhesive (modge podge).

Gently lay your lace out on the balloons, you’ll need to hold it on or brush more adhesive on top. I will admit this is not an easy project. You may need a helper to hold for you as you go. Allow a little time for the adhesive to take, or it’ll all just peel off the balloon.

For the knot, I covered mine and cut a hole for the light bulb once it was dry. You can do it that way or try to create a pattern around the edge. Since it’s the top (facing the ceiling) I didn’t bother with it. Once you have everything nice and coated, allow it to dry slightly on the cup/bowl. Once you are confident that it won’t fall off, hang it upside down overnight to dry.

Once they are completely dry and hard, pop the balloon and shake out any excess dried adhesive. Cut a hole for the light bulb, insert and enjoy!

*Note- Make sure that no part of the lightbulb touches the shade, FIRE HAZARD!


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