The Sweetness and I went up to see the Aspencade Arts Festival and to see the fall colors. The Sweetness found a glass artist  and talked to him for several hours while I wandered the show. The whole thing made me think I need to start creating an inventory and do a show next year. I could clean up there, a lot of imports, cheap-y or dinky stuff or just lame. I could have the best booth in the show! We took a drive to see the leaves and to run a few errands while we were in town.

They’re a poor substitute for my New England roots, but they’re still lovely. After visiting some thrift stores (exciting project supplies collected!) and dinner we went to see a glass art demonstration. I got so angry at this ‘demo’ I literally had to walk away. It was advertised in the paper as an art glass demonstration starting at 7pm. We arrived and waited in the frosty air for 45 minutes before the kilns were even opened. I was already steaming at this point. A guy gets up on a statue and explains this is for the 50th Anniversary of the Taos Glass artists’ guild. What a joke this organization must be! All of the artists (about 30 random people standing around chatting inside an enclosure while 4-5 of them worked) kept talking, so I could hardly hear anything the announcer was saying. He gets down and we wait more. Finally! They get out a huge spoon and go to pour the molten glass into a mold. But, one of the “artists” that was hanging around is determined to stand directly in front of me, no matter where I try to move. At this point I gave up and stalked off in anger. I lapped the plaza and shopped a bit. I come back 30 minutes later and nothing else has happened, this pisses me off even more. We decide to leave as it’s now nearing 9pm and the event was only slated to last until 10pm. What the F TIGA? I am so disappointed in how the glass profession was represented and how badly this event was managed. It was a chance to open up a new medium to new people, but instead it was a cluster-**ck. Excuse my suggested French. I have a real problem tolerating incompetence. Other than the failed demo, we had a great day out together. We really needed rejuvenation.

~ by accordingtoleanne on September 29, 2012.

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