Wholesome Sweeteners Review

If you follow my Facebook page (which you should! https://www.facebook.com/accordingtoleanne like me for the shorter, sweeter and sometimes funniest stuff) , you saw the bounty of sweeteners I won from Simply Gluten Free and Wholesome Sweeteners. I decided to try a selection of them and let you know how they were.

*I’m not compensated for this review, simply won a sweepstakes and the review is my thanks for the prize*

First of all, I am a sugar fanatic and even I am a little worried I’ll never use it all. I decided to try 2 of the Agave syrups, one of the honeys and the organic can sugar. All of these products are by Wholesome Sweeteners and I will start with the good.

The honey is amazing. Everything honey should be, none of that half-cracked flavored corn syrup crap. It’s from USDA organic and Fair trade certified. It says that it’s produced on family farms in Central and South America. None of this impresses me like the flavor. I’m not such a stickler for organic/fair trade/whatever and I’m generally not willing to spend more for these labels. This honey, I’d consider paying more for.

The organic sugar is interesting. It doesn’t taste like the white sugar I generally use. It says that it’s evaporated can juice, I have no idea what this means or how it differs from my usual sugar. It is unbleached, which is cool. It’s got a light golden color to it and has hints of honey when you taste it. I’m excited to try this in baking to see how it effects the flavor of baked goods. It’s definitely a more complex flavor profile than white sugar. The Sweetness said it reminds him of super light brown sugar.

Ok, here’s where things take a negative turn. While I love the sugar and honey, I hate the Maple flavored blue agave syrup. I hate it so much that I’ll probably throw it away. It has a cheap, buttery, fake Maple flavor. It tastes like bad Aunt Jemima’s. If you know me already, you can see the rant that is coming. I despise artificial maple flavor. I hate it so much, I will reject anything with even a drop of fake syrup on it. The taste isn’t even the worst part, the thick, bubbly texture halts in my throat and refuses to go down. I am a stickler for REAL MAPLE SYRUP. 100% pure. There is nothing in the world better. It makes me angry when people try to trick me into these poor imitations. Keeping my Maple issues in mind, I decided to give them another chance with the flavored syrup.

I gave Strawberry a shot. It’s fairly good. I notice a slightly odd chemical flavor in the after-taste, but otherwise it’s pretty good. The strawberry flavor doesn’t feel fake or over-done. I even think that the after taste could be easily hidden by a waffle or some ice cream.

They also sent unflavored Blue Agave Syrup, which I have used in the past and like. One of my favorite recipes for cranberry sauce features agave as the sweetener. It’s great!

One thing that they sent that I didn’t try and won’t is Stevia. My doctor has specifically advised me to never use it. Stevia can cause hypertension (chest tightness, wheezing, shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing, facial swelling, pale skin, weakness and dizziness), nausea, low blood pressure, hypoglycemia and has many known drug interactions.

~ by accordingtoleanne on September 27, 2012.

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