Temptu AirBrush Makeup Review

I won one of these Temptu Makeup systems and was super excited about it because I had seen it advertised on TV. I decided to do a review. These opinions are my own and I have not received compensation for the review. You can check out the system at http://temptu.com/

The whole system is pretty easy to figure out. They send you a few practice sheets, but I got the hang of it almost immediately. Sorry my pictures are less than awesome, I can’t get the hang of taking my own picture. Here is me with no makeup:

After some work with the airbrush foundation:

And with blush, eye makeup and mascara (not included with the Temptu)

Temptu makes blush, but they didn’t send me a pod for it. I feel like the Temptu was good for foundation, but I think you kind of need someone to help you put it on. It’s hard to see some places on your face and trying to cover over your eyebrows and under your eyes is very difficult because you have to close your eyes to avoid getting makeup sprayed in them. I think if I had help with it I could have much better results. If you get it too thick it stays kind of tacky and shiny. Otherwise, it’s easy and pretty cool. I would have been happy with it even if I’d bought it myself.

~ by accordingtoleanne on September 24, 2012.

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