Cat Box

I wrote awhile back about how my cats have taken to sleeping on towels and that they are pretty partial to sleeping on towels now. This started when I put a towel over my printer to keep the dust out, well, now it’s a cat bed. I also had a towel up on top of my dresser where both of them like to sleep. Lucy had also been sleeping in a shoebox full of The Sweetness’ underwear for some time. I decided to try putting a towel in the shoebox on top of the dresser. Instant hit, except for this:

Hootie is a bit too big for the shoebox. I couldn’t stand watching him try to stuff himself in the box, so we found him a Hoot-sized box that he likes much better.

The only problem is that Lucy also LOVES the new box, so we’ve had some altercations on the dresser over a cardboard box. So much for store-bought beds…

~ by accordingtoleanne on September 5, 2012.

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