I was drawn to this book at the thrift store a couple weeks ago, called I See Your Dream Job: A Career Intuitive Shows You How to Discover What You Were Put on Earth to Do by Sue Frederick. I gobbled up the entire book and have been stewing over the results for about a week. I highly recommend this book if you’re feeling run down in your job or unfulfilled by your work.

I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up since I was little and I’ve never come up with an acceptable answer. At 5, I think I wanted to be a boy. Obviously that didn’t happen and I don’t know how being a boy would have been a career. In high school I wanted to be a lawyer. I have no idea why. Then I wanted to be a National Geographic photographer, but my boyfriend at the time quickly surpassed my talents and I gave it up. In college I must have changed my major 10 times. I went through Geology, Criminology, Psychology and English. I decided I didn’t like being outdoors as much as would be required by Geology, couldn’t swing the triple major of Criminology, couldn’t make any money with an English degree and I’m still not sure about Psychology. I like it and am fascinated by it, but I feel like I’m not a grounded enough (or something. I’ve got my own mental problems) person to be a therapist.

I’ve had my current job for 5 years and I love it, but I am a realist. This will not last forever. I work for several trade magazines for tattoo and gift shops managing their subscription list and doing a bit of writing on the side. I work from home and basically for myself, but it’s not exactly earth shattering work I’m doing. I love the schedule and the steady paycheck, but it’s not my passion.

The book works off numerology based on your birthday and your sun sign (Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius, etc. Everyone has a birth path number; 1-9 or 11/2 and 22/4. You calculate your path by adding your birthdate like this:

(Mine is July 8, 1986)

Month: 7

Date: 8

Year: 1986

7+8+1+9+8+6= 39       3+9= 12        1+2=3

So my birth path is a 3. (If you are born on a double digit ie: 15, it’s 1+5) Here’s what it says about 3’s: “Social grace, playfulness and beauty are your expressions…Your work must involve creative self-expression and leading others to find their unique ways to express themselves. Words and ideas are key to your self expression. Don’t get too stuck in your cerebral viewpoint or you’ll lose the way. Be wary of expecting to be provided for and becoming a financial burden to loved ones. Your gifts of creativity and teaching should provide a fine living. Examples: talk show host, freelance journalist, interior designer, hostess, social director, teacher, therapist.”

My sun sign is cancer and it says this about cancers: “Your heightened sensitivity and secretive nature are at once your gift and your challenge. You feel everything and process it through your silent filter rather than readily share it with others. Yet your feelings and intuitions are a gift. Don’t hide that brilliant wisdom and insight and retreat into a hole of self doubt and fear. Show your sensitivity to the world, bare your sweet soul, and speak the truth.”

“A Cancer 3 path: Your home will be an endless canvas for the colorful designs and inspired fashions that come so easily to you. As an interior designer, a feng shui practitioner, or a home-stager, you will use your uplifting, unique creativity and blossom onto a lucrative career. As a chef, cooking instructor, or fashion designer, you’ll also tap into your mission. Don’t settle for simply decorating your miserable cubicle while slaving away at a meaningless job. Trust your talents and share them with the world-for good money.”

“Birth Path 3 Talents: Ability to create or design beautiful things, express complex ideas brilliantly through words, visual arts or dance.”

Based on those descriptions (which are pretty on par) I came up with a list of dream jobs that I am kicking around.

1. Breeding Bengal Cats: Sunshine Bengals! (cute, right). I’d love to do this and don’t see much problem with going for it. The start up cost would be fairly low in business terms. I’d need a couple breeding pairs, say $8,000 and facilities for them, big enclosures and housing. (No idea what that’d cost). But the idea of raising Bengals and socializing them makes me happy. I’d love to play with the genetics to get the melanistic (black on black spots) Bengals more regularly. The cons of this are that I worry I’d want to keep all the babies and that I’d have to deal with the males spraying and females in heat, but I can deal.

2. Extreme Sweepstakes: I already do this as a hobby and doubt I will stop anytime soon. I absolutely love sweepstakes and I talk about them all the time. I’m sure it’s a little annoying. The only problem is that it’s not a steady paycheck and I haven’t been able to get to a point where I’m winning enough to be considered gainful employment.

3. Be a Martha Stewart with a show, book, blog, whatever. I love to cook, do crafts, make a home, make things pretty. I know I can’t be Martha, but I could be a Sanda Lee or a Katie Brown. I have no idea how you go about being a domestic diva, but I could blog more about home projects and recipes, etc. Got to make the blog pay though…

4. Write a book. I’ve got lots of book ideas, a cookbook, a funny memoir, crafts/DIY books: Honestly, I just need to put pen to paper and just write down the several books that I have half written in my head. It’s all a jumble and mixed together and would need epic editing work, but it’s fairly attainable as long as I can get a book deal. I just have no idea how to do that. I suppose you just write the thing and send it to publishers?

5. Open a store/Etsy shop to sell crafts, home decor or gifts: I could get behind having my own little shop. I think I have excellent taste and could set things up beautifully and sell the heck out of things. I’m thinking this venture would start on Etsy, be a combination of vintage, handmade and other items to build capital and experience before I could think about having a physical store. Actaully, the more I think about this idea the less I like it. Maybe I’ll just put a few craft things on Etsy and call it good.

6. Open a bistro or restaurant: This is kind of a passing idea since it takes so much money to open, so much work to run and so much risk. I suspect that I would hate cooking quickly.

7. Freelance writing/editing: I already do some freelance writing and I have done some editing work. I enjoy it and it pays, but it’s not something I’d do if I didn’t need a paycheck. I am considering buying the 2013 Writer’s Market regardless to explore my options.

8. Veterinarian: I like the idea of working with animals and helping them. I even enjoy doctoring my own pets, but I feel like I couldn’t handle the dark side of this job. I couldn’t put an animal down and dealing with a grieving pet-parent is not something I’d be good at or enjoy. I also think I’d have trouble with surgeries and, let’s not forget my phobia of needles. Ok, this one is out. But, I might do an online vet tech program to help me with my Bengal project.

9. Therapist: I have most of a psychology degree, so if I went and did my clinicals, I could start working as a therapist. The details of this job appeal to me, but I have reservations about it. I feel like listening to people and helping them would be great. The hours and being able to work from home would be great. I doubt myself though because of my own anxiety issues. I feel like a therapist should be self actualized and have their sh*t together. I don’t really feel like I’m there yet. However, I do feel like I could help other people with anxiety disorders because of my own experiences.

10. Homemaker/Parent: This is a major struggle for me. I am 26 and my biological clock is asking me what we should do. Right now, I do NOT want kids. I see other people with their kids and they look miserable and tired and unhappy. I don’t know if I want to do that to myself. I like doing whatever I want. I like sleeping in when I can. I suppose it’s a struggle a lot of women have; do I go the career route and sacrifice family life or do I trudge along in jobs that pay the bills until I am needed to raise the children. I know a lot of women work and raise families, but I don’t feel like I can do that. I want to be home with my child(ren) if I have them and raise them myself. It’s not like I have to decide right now, but I feel the crossroads coming.

I know this has been a long ramble, but I’m still thinking pretty hard about this and I’m a little behind the curve on figuring out what I want to be when I grow up. After putting this all out on ‘paper’ I think that I can do more than one of these things. I can be a mom and raise Bengals, kids would love that. I can also do crafts and have an online store. I can write several books over my lifetime (it’s a bit soon for a memoir though, don’t you think!) and have a blog. I’ll still have sweepstakes too. Maybe I’ll just be a jack of all trades, it kind of runs in the family anyhow…

P.S.- If you want your numerology, leave me a comment and your email and I’ll try to get back to you. It’s pretty cool stuff!

~ by accordingtoleanne on September 1, 2012.

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  1. Keep on working, great job!

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