I went to the doctor yesterday for a follow up with the Viibryd I was taking. I told her about the side effects I was having, the sleep disruption, but that I was willing to deal with them because I felt mentally pretty good. She didn’t think it was an acceptable side effect, so she’s going to try me on Zoloft. I took it last night for the first night and had a panic attack this morning. We’re going to give it a week and see how things level out. If this doesn’t work, we’ll try something else. I also had her switch me back to my old birth control since the new one was giving me hellacious PMS. Today will be a slow day, since my morning was all screwed up and I’ll likely need a nap this afternoon. I’m off work still, so maybe I’ll spend the day watching movies.

~ by accordingtoleanne on August 23, 2012.

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