Olympics:Day 14

It sounds like some post apocalyptic logbook, doesn’t it? Bottom line is that if I have to watch one more minute of volleyball; inside or out, I am going to smash the TV into little bits. I’m tired of watching to US and China kill at everything. I want to see somebody eat it. Hard. I want to see the weird sports like shooting and some crap I’ve never even heard of. There has been way too much focus on swimming and volleyball. I was relieved when track started, but now I’m sick to death of watching people run. I hate running. Why do I want to watch people who are great at it do it? At least the Olympics are only every four years. Maybe by then I’ll have forgotten the torture of turning the TV on at any point during the day and night and it being there. And then on the news. And then on the internet. And then before you know it, Michael Phelps is at the foot of your bed, clanking his medals at you demanding you eat at Subway!

~ by accordingtoleanne on August 9, 2012.

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