Hello August!

Here’s hoping the overly hot and dry weather is behind us. The Sweetness and I are stockpiling food again and making moves towards getting ready for winter. I restocked the pantry with dry goods last night and am hoping to pick up more canned goods on 10 for $10 sales next week. We spent the weekend cutting and grinding meat for hamburger, so we’ve got lots of that. Since it was a hindquarter of elk, we also have a lot more room and maneuvering in the freezer. We are still going to have to finish insulating the house, put a few pieces of siding and get new tires put on the truck. Oh, and firewood. I am planning to just buy firewood chopped already. The Sweetness likes to buy rounds, but it’s cheap enough that I’m going to buy the pre-chopped because I hate chopping firewood. Once that’s stacked, I think we’ll be ready.

~ by accordingtoleanne on August 1, 2012.

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