Dr’s Orders

After getting my new diet and supplements, I went to my obgyn and got my birth control changed. I also had the first panic attack in over a month. Lame. It feels terrible to regress, but I have to look at all the progress Ihave made.

My new diet is based on 3 square meals a day with meat, vegetable and fat in each. No snacking, no sweet beverages, no sweeteners, use only olive or coconut oil and keep sugar at a minimum. During the liver cleanse I have to avoid dairy, eggs, gluten, corn, soy, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, garlic and nuts. I may get a few items back once I’m doing better, but for now it’s pretty miserable. My misery will only grow when I have to start doing the coffee enemas that are supposed to help detox my liver. I will admit that trying to chose an organic coffee for an enema is pretty funny. French roast or Sumatra Blend? Hazlenut?

My gyno and I talked for awhile about what kinds of birth control I could use to avoid estrogen (which is a suspect in my insulin/thyroid problems). I had basically decided I wanted the bar implant, but found out it was $1000 if I pay out of pocket. I’m going to call the insurance company and get a direct answer on how much is covered. If it’s anywhere remotely affordable, I’m going for it. In the meantime, she prescribed me a mini pill that is a Progestin based pill in a super-low continuous dose. The only drawback with this one is that we’re going to have to use an additional method of birth control to be sure we’re covered. The Sweetness asked the gyno if estrogen could build up in the liver, she wasn’t aware of any studies on it. We’re hoping the pill fixes everything, we’re both so tired of the run around trying to get this thing nailed down and fixed.

~ by accordingtoleanne on June 29, 2012.

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