Things on my mind…

I’m going to order $500 in maternity clothes today even though I’m not going to use them for quite some time. I won the shopping spree and figure I’ll just pack them away until I need them.

I’m getting blood tests done early tomorrow morning, so I have to fast tonight. I’m going to make chicken fried steak and whipped potatoes for dinner, so hopefully that will last me until my tests are over. I’m apprehensive about the test because I am notoriously difficult to sample from and have developed a bit of a phobia because they usually have to do terrible things to me to get any blood out. I don’t think they are going to find anything, but both of us feel like it’d be foolish not to go through with the test and find out for sure if I’ve got a physical cause for the panic attacks.

~ by accordingtoleanne on June 13, 2012.

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