Memorial Day Fish and Splash

I don’t have many pictures of our Memorial Day because I decided not to risk losing my phone in the river, so it stayed safely on shore. We went down the to river and went across in a kayak to fish. The Sweetness went across no problem, but I spent a good 15 minutes figuring out how to get onto the skittery, top heavy and pitching vessel. I finally went for it and was mostly successful, only losing one foot up to the ankle. I did get that wet foot stuck for a bit. Partially, it was because it was my weak left leg and also because moving meant possibly getting dumped over into the drink. I wasn’t really willing to let The Sweetness get that much of a laugh. I did pull a muscle in my shoulder trying to not fall in and my legs are killing me. Mostly the left one that I’m not really supposed to be using that much. Hopefully my chiropractor won’t be too upset. Anyhow, I got across without any more trouble and started fishing. They were jumping all over and I got a few bites, but I couldn’t quite seal the deal. I think I’m going to need a fly reel and flies to fish the river, a bobber with a worm is kind of a pain to cast over and over. We got back without incident and enjoyed a quiet day away from all the traffic.

~ by accordingtoleanne on May 29, 2012.

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