Hootie the Fire Cat

Hootie might have saved the house yesterday. I was sitting on the couch when he came running over, talking more than usual. He pushed past me to his water fountain against the wall where it’s plugged in. Apparently it had died sometime during the night and I hadn’t noticed it yet. I messed with it for a few minutes since it sometimes gets screwed up and stops pumping. He kept pawing at it and yelling at me. I gave up on fixing it and went to unplug it and found it too hot to touch. The Sweetness thinks it was pretty close to starting up. Hooter got some treats and pets for being such a good guard cat.

He’s also been letting us know quite loudly about the chickens roaming around in the yard. He hates those chickens. Trespassers, he says.

~ by accordingtoleanne on March 27, 2012.

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