I love small town USA

It’s awesome to live in a small town. When the UPS man (yes, we have one, only one and he comes from 2 hours away) sees me at the gas station, he knows exactly where I live and gives me my packages right there. The guys at the burger place know exactly what I want. The lady at the post office automatically goes to the back to get my packages before I even get to my box to check the mail. Your neighbors are always watching out for you and you are basically forced to be nice because it’ll get around if you’re not. I don’t like going into town now, it juts reminds me what jerks most of the rest of the world is filled with.

~ by accordingtoleanne on March 5, 2012.

3 Responses to “I love small town USA”

  1. It sounds like the small town where you live is amazing. Besides the whole forced to be nice thing. Not all people are bad.

  2. I find living in a small town is the greatest. Every where you go there are always friendly faces that smile at you and ask about your health/family/ friends and neighbors. Also if you happen to have any farm fresh eggs for sale! Also, you feel like you are not alone in this world of what is sometimes a crazy place. It makes you feel warm and cozy inside to know that others out there care for you and really mean it when they smile at you. It is such a good feeling. If only all of man/woman kind would act this way, what a wonderful world it would be. It helps also that there are people like Leanne that blog about it so the word gets out! Good job Leanne, I just love your posts! I love the most exciting cat in the world one also! It made me laugh out loud!
    Your almost M-I-L

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