Best Day Ever!

I won a gift certificate for 10,000 Waves in Santa Fe for $600, so The Sweetness and I headed down to get spoiled. I assumed that The Sweetness wouldn’t want to go, so I asked him if I should take his mom or his sister, but I was pleased to find out that he wanted to come with me. It made the day that much better to have him with me. We ended up getting 2 New Waves of Bliss packages (over $400 each) and because there was a special, we ended up with a bill over $800 and only paying $168.

We had to get up early to get down there in time to get all of our treatments done. Of course, getting up extra early meant I was sick the whole way to Santa Fe. Thankfully it quit a little before we got there. I am so glad I toughed it out, it was an excellent day.

We started off getting kimonos and getting a tour of the spa. The whole place is Japanese style and really cool. We went off to our first treatments, 55 minute Japanese massage facials. This was my favorite of the treatments. I wasn’t too sure about the stem cell serum(from Bovine stem cells), but it seems to have made my skin happy. They even “extracted” all of my blackheads. The lady that did mine was really nice and warm. She advised me to change up my skin care, because my skin is dry and needs nutrients. While I got care directions, The Sweetness got an A+ on skin even though he doesn’t ever use lotion or proper face wash.

After the facials, we got 80 minute massages. By this time, I needed to use the bathroom for the first time there. I was surprised to find Bidets in the bathroom and cautiously tried it out. I found it disconcerting, but I’m glad I got to try one. I think I was positioned wrong, but then, maybe some people like a hard jet of water to the vagina. I didn’t care for it. I expected it to stop on its own after I pushed the button, but I finally had to push the stop button. I was too afraid to try the dry option. Then, we got to soak in our private bath.

Our last treatment was a hot oil hair treatment and a salt glow. The Sweetness got stuck with a male therapist, so when I looked over to see the guy pouring oil all over his chest and rubbing it in, I couldn’t help but laugh. He says he was ok and that the look he gave me was because he was having his skin scrubbed off. I prefer to think he felt molested. We decided to get a little sushi afterwards and dragged ourselves home, loose and lazy.

~ by accordingtoleanne on March 4, 2012.

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