Frustration to the max

I had a little bit of a break down this morning. I woke up sick, yet again. That’s 4 days this week. I’m reaching my breaking point on this, I’m beyond frustrated by being sick and not having any answers. The Drenamin is helping some, but apparently not enough. It even seems like I’m getting sicker and more often. The acupuncture worked the day I got it, but hasn’t had a noticeable effect otherwise. I can’t get my health insurance until I go to the chiropractor next week and sign release paperwork for my records to be sent to the insurance company. Then, maybe, I’ll get approved and I can go to a western doctor. Hopefully they can give me a definite answer and make it stop. Please make it stop. I feel like I’m crazy most of the time. I can’t figure anything out and am getting more and more depressed and frustrated by the day. I’m starting a medical journal to give to the doctor when I finally get there.

~ by accordingtoleanne on March 2, 2012.

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