Health Update

I’m still waiting to hear from Lovelace about my health insurance, but in the meantime, I’ve been doing some research and looking into alternative methods. My chiropractor suspects an adrenal disorder and prescribed me Drenamin. We’ll see how that goes. If it improves, great, if not, no loss. I’m also going to try the acupuncture clinic on Tuesday to see if they have any direction for me. Basically I figure if I can get a general direction from homeopathic methods, I can take that to a general practice and hopefully it means less poking and stabbing for me.

~ by accordingtoleanne on February 23, 2012.

3 Responses to “Health Update”

  1. Good for you; if it means anything, I’ve overcome a slew of issues by turning to natural eating and healing. Good luck and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I’d really like to stay away from medications if possible, so hopefully my homeopathic people can help. I suspect that anti-anxiety and anti depressants have caused part of my problems in the first place.

  2. I hope it works out Leanne!

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