Insurance companies are jerks

I’ve been trying to get health insurance lately because my company has offered to pay up to $300 for my premium. I’m now trying a second company since Presbyterian turned me down. Presbyterian turned me down because of my acute scoliosis. I’m not crippled or anything, I just need to go to the chiropractor once a month so I can function. I’ll admit that it does impact my life if I don’t go and I have trouble with pinched nerves and sometimes can’t get out of bed because of it, but it’s generally under control. They are still going to make money on me, I go to the doctor once a year otherwise. I think they just don’t care and don’t bother to look into the details. I’m trying Lovelace now, but if they deny me I may go for something called the Medical Insurance Pool. I’ll need to do more research on it, but the company’s broker told me about it and said it might be my best bet. Until then, we wait.

~ by accordingtoleanne on February 16, 2012.

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