My Valentine

I woke up sick on Valentine’s Day, had a panic attack and spent most of the day trying to force myself to eat. I need to go to the doctor to get to the bottom of the odd symptoms I’ve been having lately. Anyhow, finally I got things under control and we went into town to get some crab legs and a few other goodies. We had them at home and had a nice, quiet evening together. I had a pinup commissioned for The Sweetness and got him subscriptions to a few glass magazines. I was worried most of the day that I ruined Valentine’s Day, but I think everything turned out OK. Luci got her daddy a card since she’s so in love with him. We discussed her running away with him and decided that I was the only one who knows how to fill the food bowl. We agreed that she can have him on leap days. She seemed appeased.

~ by accordingtoleanne on February 15, 2012.

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