Curtain Makeover

The M-I-L made us new curtains for several of our windows and I decided to go ahead and put up some new ones from the store too. The handmade ones are tropical and bright, so they went in the living room and bathroom. I want to get a bright new shower curtain to match, but The Sweetness is attached to the one we have. The most exciting thing out of this is the kitchen. I bought a set of cafe curtains for the kitchen window, but they were huge so I put them under the counters to hide our open cabinets. I am going to make some adjustments in hanging and add a few more in the kitchen, but I love how they look. We also recently found a pot hanger at the thrift store ($20 score on one I was going to buy online for $80). I also covered our bedroom shelves with a black curtain and it looks much cleaner. Next, I’m going to put curtains over our closet and replace our area rugs. Here’s how it looks:

~ by accordingtoleanne on February 11, 2012.

One Response to “Curtain Makeover”

  1. Love the new curtains! I wouldn’t have guessed that I wouldn’t have to see them in person to see how nice they look. Now about that shower curtain!? I like the rooster ones also. They look nice under your cabinets. I am glad that the “hoot” likes them. Also that you call me the M-I-L. You are special! I will have to think up an acronym for you! (BSSO, AD-I-L, etc)

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