Thanks Pfizer…

We got a bit panicked on Wednesday when the M-I-L called to let me know about the birth control pill recall. Apparently, 1 million packs of pills were recalled because they had 3 weeks of sugar pills and 1 week of active pills (they should be 3 weeks active, 1 sugar) which would cause the pills to be mostly ineffective. I had no idea if my pills were effected, so while I was still on the phone I pulled a cart U-turn and headed for the lady products isle to get a pregnancy test. The Sweetness followed me, confused until I got off the phone with his mom and explained. Poor thing. It turned out my pills are actually made by Watson and not Pfizer, so we were good, but it was nice to take the test and be sure.

The Sweetness’ sister was not so lucky. She’s not pregnant or anything, but her pills were some of the ones included in the recall, so she had to go get new pills that won’t be in for about a week. Not cool at all.

So, Pfizer, you should be more like Watson and make the pills different colors. It’d be a lot easier to see when you screw up. Thanks.

~ by accordingtoleanne on February 3, 2012.

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