Graham’s Grille

Last night we got dressed up and went to Graham’s Grille to celebrate our anniversary. We started with Calamari and crab cakes. I was really impressed with the tenderness of the calamari, but I wish they’d dress it down a bit. The quality was hidden by the overpowering Chinese 5 Spice batter. We tried to pick it off so we could enjoy the calamari, but it wouldn’t come off. The crab cakes were just OK, I’ve definitely had (and made) better. For the main course, I had a rib-eye steak with veggies and mac n cheese and The Sweetness had lamb sliders with seasoned fries.The steak was among the best I’ve ever had and the lamb sliders and fries were excellent. I also loved the veggies they sent too, it was a combination of Brussels sprouts, green beans and beets. The mac n cheese, however needs work. I can tell it would be amazing if they could figure out a good way to cook it. Currently, they are using a mini cast iron skillet, which could work, but I think it’s being baked too long. The cream had curdled in it and and left chunky bits of cheese and grease mixed in with mostly dry pasta. The pie was awesome. I’m recommending it highly, although you should ask for no tequila sauce if you’re designated driver or don’t drink.

Otherwise, an excellent meal, although a bit pricey, but I’m willing to pay not to clean up after myself. We had a great anniversary and are looking forward to another great year together.

We finshed off with Margarita Key Lime Pie.

~ by accordingtoleanne on January 29, 2012.

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