Chain Fails

I’ve been having a ‘good’ run on doing chain fails lately. There are three that I can readily think of from the past week.

I was vacuuming with the hose thing and smashed my toe. In the process of dealing with my toe, I got the vacuum stuck on a garbage bag. Instead of being a normal, sane person; I decided to pull the hose off the bag instead of turning off the vacuum. So the trash goes over, spills all over the floor and I get the vacuum stuck on my pants.

Then, a few days later, I’m making Creme Brulee. I’ve got the cream on the stove heating up and I’ve got my back to it a few feet away, cracking eggs into the mixer and sorting them with my hands. I hear sizzling behind me and see that the cream is boiling over. I have an egg yolk in my hand, so it takes me a minute to get over there to get the pan off the burner. I lose over a 1/4 cup down into the oven. I then pick up what I thought was an empty egg carton and break on egg on the kitchen floor, which has shag carpet on it. Getting raw egg out of any carpet is a pain, nevermind shag.

Then last night, I got startled while sitting on the bed with a water bottle, roll onto my back without thinking and dump most of the water on me and the bed. I also got it all in my ear. Good job.

~ by accordingtoleanne on January 20, 2012.

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