Stupid “Fight”

The Sweetness and I got into a “fight” a few days ago that is still making me laugh. I put fight in quotations because we don’t really fight, we just discuss things or, like in this case, it’s more joking with each other. The problem was my insistence on putting my porcelain measuring spoons on top of the microwave. His problem was that he was afraid they’d fall and break and I’d be upset, plus that it was annoying to be mindful of them every time he wanted to use the microwave. Basically, the “fight” went like this:
Sweetness: “Ugh! Find somewhere else to put these!”
Me: “Well, don’t open the microwave like a wild animal!”
Sweetness: “But I have to. How about they go in this drawer?”
Me: Still laughing about the wild animal comment.

The measuring spoons now live in a drawer.

~ by accordingtoleanne on January 19, 2012.

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