Good Morning, Panic!

Today started off kind of rough. One of our friends got hit by a car while running (he’s ok) and called to let us know that he was going to file a police report and get checked out at the hospital. It sounds like nothing’s broken, but I might be gaining another chiro buddy.

I couldn’t get back to sleep afterwards and promptly started having a lot of anxiety. I’ve been feeling off for the last week and have been worried about it. The most likely explanation: I ran out of vitamins a week or two ago and haven’t gotten more yet. However, my mind twisted my annoyance/frustration/fear into I’m probably pregnant and the baby is messed up. The Sweetness came back in to find me all upset and managed to shut the whole thing off with a few words. It’s one of the great things about him, he’s like an anchor and calms my ass down and makes me feel safe.

~ by accordingtoleanne on January 11, 2012.

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