Well there’s your problem…

I’ve been really bummed lately that our Dyson hasn’t been working and ordered a replacement filter for it. The issue of actually looking at it and dealing with it got pushed this evening while I was mixing up cat food. (You have to mix the food if you switch brands on them or they get upset stomachs)

So, I’m pouring some of the new food into the canister of the old, being very careful not to knock over the canister. So far so good. I put down the bag and put the lid back on the container. I start shaking, but it’s not mixing too well since it’s nearly full. I decide to turn it upside-down a few times and the lid promptly falls off dumping several pounds of cat food onto our shag carpet. Lucy then decided to help by eating the food off the floor.

We decided that it was too late to borrow The Sweetness’ parents vacuum, so we pulled the Dyson apart. We cleaned out every part and checked everything out. Everything seemed to be working fairly well, until we turned it over and found this:

We thought we found the problem (we definitely found A problem) but it’s suction is still lack-luster. Hopefully the filter will do the trick or it’s off with his head.

~ by accordingtoleanne on January 7, 2012.

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