Post Christmas Blues

I’ve been kind of down the past few days and today was on of the worst yet. My motivation was at record lows, I was overly sensitive and cranky. I suspect the post Christmas blues.

Mid-January always seems incredibly lame after all the build up of the holidays and new year. The holidays all distract you from the crappy reality of the middle of winter. Adding to my generally sour mood, I haven’t won much recently and it’s bumming me out. I haven’t even been entering the last few days. I know I should stick with it and I’ve probably got a big one coming to end the dry spell, but it’s hard not seeing results.

I’m going to deposit the money from my TV tomorrow and will be able to pay off the balances on 2 credit cards. I expect that pressing that ‘pay balance’ button is going to feel really good.

~ by accordingtoleanne on January 6, 2012.

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