A New Year

This year has flown by. I attribute this mostly to the sheer joy of being with The Sweetness. I look forward to waking up to him each day and all the things we do together.

2011 Month by Month:
January- Made a major life change and moved across the country, again.

February-Had some rough waters in our relationship, but came out stronger. The Sweetness’ grandmother passed away.

March- Got off all my medications.

April- The Sweetness turned 26 and I made a big deal out of it. Got my tattoo redone. Planted the garden.

May- Attended the memorial for The Sweetness’ grandmother. Started with chiropractic care again. Attended the memorial day motorcycle rally in Red.

June- Finished my last classes and applied for graduation. Got my braces off (just before they pulled my teeth out).

July- I turned 25. Can’t believe I’m over the hump and headed downhill into 30. Traced my ancestry back to the 1100s.

August-  I started doing sweepstakes.

September- The Sweetness’ sister got married. Got my new computer.

October- Worked at Texas Reds. Quit. My friend Nick got married. Went on my first elk hunt.

November-Had an excellent Thanksgiving, two of them in fact.

December- Had an excellent month financially. Won a bunch of prizes, got rolled back into the company, got a bonus, had a week of paid vacation and did some side jobs for extra cash. Had a great Christmas and wrapped up the year in high spirits.

~ by accordingtoleanne on December 31, 2011.

One Response to “A New Year”

  1. Wow, Leanne,

    You are the SHIT!!!!!!

    Thanks for the blog, it has made my day. I didn’t think about putting all this last year into the perspective that you did. (It made me cry, good tears tho.)It was a good year for you and I am so glad you are in our lives and have enriched our family so much by being in it. You are a very special, talented, beautiful and wonderful person and I for one think that you are the SHIT!

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