Great Summary for Republican Primaries

If you’re like me, the whole political circus is just annoying. I usually don’t bother to watch any of what’s going on until the parties figure out their candidates. Then, I’ll research who fits in best with my views. I don’t belong to any party or have any opinions about parties. I have several issues that are important to me and I vote based on those. I’ll get back to that later if anyone is interested in reading about my political preferences, but the main point is that this article/graph is a great way to cut through all the BS and get to the core stance of each candidate. Here’s the link, it’s definitely worth a look:

Now, if you’re interested in my opinion, here it is. My top issues are: Gun rights, Gay rights, Right to Choose and lately, the Economy. You can see why I don’t vote by party. This time around, I’m personally feeling the best about Ron Paul. I feel like he’s a straight shooter and willing to make big changes. We need truth and change. He seems like a smart guy and has some good ideas, he just hasn’t had a whole lot of air time. So, be a smart consumer and do your own research.

Most of the candidates on this list are opposed to same sex marriage, pro-life or have unfavorable national security or immigration positions. While Ron Paul is pro-life, he is a states rights supporter, so it is unlikely that he would enact a Federal anti-abortion law. Gay marriage is currently a states issue as well. He is for gun rights and wrote up a good essay about it here:

Finally, the economy. From the BBC link at the beginning of the article he plans to, ” veto any “unbalanced” budget; refuse to raise the US borrowing limit; and eliminate the income, capital gains, and estate taxes, and cut $1tr (�633.6m) from the annual federal budget.” I’ll reiterate that part about no income tax. Wouldn’t that be sweet? Anyhow, that’s my two cents about this whole thing, let’s get him on the ballot and see what he can do.

*As a side note: before anybody jumps down my throat about right to choose, let me clarify my position. I would never get an abortion myself and I generally disapprove of it, however, I feel that it is an integral right for someone to chose what they do to their body and they have a right to chose what to do with their lives. I also feel that there are circumstances where aborting is the best choice for the mother. Another point is the slippery slope argument. If the law tells us how to handle our health on this issue, what’s next? Bottom line, I think it’s an individual issue and each person deserves the right to make their own decision.

~ by accordingtoleanne on December 19, 2011.

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