Our Friday Adventure and More

The Sweetness and I had to head down to Albuquerque to sign some papers for my work. It turns out that my company has decided to fold me back in and to give me benefits again. I was working as a contractor, but I am back to being a legitimate employee. This means I now get 3 weeks paid vacation, free health and dental insurance and an IRA. Sweet! So we went down, got my papers filled out and went about our shopping errands.

We needed to get pretty much everything for my cookie packages and Christmas dinner. We ended up with a backseat piled high with groceries. I was disappointed, however, that Albertson’s was charging over $50 per rack of lamb. WTF? I can buy a WHOLE lamb for that! I decided to forgo the crown rack of lamb in favor of lamb chops with a mint sauce. Much cheaper and probably will be almost as good. I got my duck at a good price at least and everything else I needed. I even bought some Saffron that was on sale 50% off. I’m not sure how I’m going to use it yet, I just know that it’s something I want to try.

We also hit Vietnam 2000 for dinner. It was pretty good, but the kicker was that we both got the exact same fortune out of our cookies. I have never had a repeat fortune in my life and I’ve never seen 2 of the same before. What does it mean??

~ by accordingtoleanne on December 17, 2011.

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