Some relief

I finally made it over the pass to my chiropractor yesterday and he was impressed with how badly my back was out. He put me back into sorts and sent me on my way. He wanted me to come back in a few days to get things extra better, but I doubt I’ll be able to with the storms that are coming in. Even though it was only noon, I had to get back over the pass before another storm hit. I barely made it before the snow started really accumulating. I got home about when the inches started to pile up. I slept like an anchor last night for the first time in weeks and I don’t even remember going to bed. A few more days of this and I should be back to normal.

While I was out I got Christmas goodies too. I wrapped all the presents I have so far and decorated a bit more. We still need to find a tree (once it stops snowing) and do a little more shopping, but I think I’m left with the online variety now. If we can get out tomorrow, I might get some groceries, stuff for Christmas dinner and to make cookie packages.

~ by accordingtoleanne on December 13, 2011.

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