Sometime after Thanksgiving, I messed up my back somehow and my lower back and hips have been out of whack. This is pretty unusual, I usually hurt between my shoulder blades and occasionally my left hip. In the last few days, I’ve been struggling just to get out of bed.  I decided to just deal with it until my chiropractor’s appointment on Tuesday (today) so I freaked out a little to know that we won’t be making it to that appointment because of the snow. We’ve got over a foot by now with more due by morning. The chiropractor is about 2 hours away over a 10,000 foot mountain pass. I suspect that they will be approaching 3 feet or more by morning. So, this sucks, but since I’ve been complaining, The Sweetness’ mom bought me a massage from a friend of hers. Thank you TJ! I am now sore in a different and, I think, good way. Usually I get the feel good type massages for fun and they’re nice. This massage was a challenge. She stretched out stomach and side muscles and in my pelvis. I writhed around a lot and I keep checking to see if I have bruises, but it was worth the pain. After, I was able to pop my lower back and it helped a ton. Hopefully I can limp along now until I can get over to the chiropractor.

p.s.- I know I’m 25 and shouldn’t have back problems. I agree. It’s some bullshit.

~ by accordingtoleanne on December 6, 2011.

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