Don’t Eat Beans While Hunting

We have finally come home from hunting an I am completely wiped out. I even lost 5lbs from being consistently cold and hungry. We ended up with 2 elk. There was a mishap that ended with us losing an elk. The Sweetness’ dad shot one 3 times and it managed to run off. I tracked it through the woods for about 2 hours before I lost the trail. At one point it was nearby and coming in my direction. I got such an adrenaline rush. It was excitement and fear all at the same time. It started to snow and I lost the blood trail, plus he gave me the slip when he came back at me.

The elk we did get were a 5×5 and a 7×7. The Sweetness got his in the evening of the first day with one shot. I’m glad it was dark by the time we started gutting it, I think having the full experience in the light of day would have been a little harder. Most of it didn’t bother me, except the fact that it was still warm. I was also pretty disturbed by the removal of the penis. It’s kind of a grab it and cut it off kind of thing. Ick.

We were actually in town getting supplies when Adam got his 7×7. It was cooling in the back of the truck when we got back. The Sweetness said he’d never seen one that big.

Hunting is a bit harder than it looks. We spent 5 days in the woods and saw 3 shoot-able elk. We went out at 430 in the morning each morning, sat in the cold (22degrees) for 4 hours, moving as little as possible and attempting to be silent. We’d go in around 10am, have some lunch and take a nap. We’d get up around 330 and be back out by 4 or 430 and sit until dark, which was also cold. Even with the fireplace raging in the cabin, most of the heat escapes through the single pane windows and cracks in the log construction.

The reason I say not to eat beans while hunting is that one of the mornings, we’re creeping up on a meadow that often has elk hanging out and one of the guys let loose with a really loud fart. Everything within a quarter mile scattered.

The funniest thing that happened this week was on the last night of the hunt. I was sitting on a hillside when I hear all this crashing in the woods (elk are loud and clumsy) I got excited that I might get another shot at one. I popped the safety off and sighted in the clearing that the crashing was headed for. Pretty soon a doe (a deer) pops out, running at full tilt, followed by two more. I put the safety back on and sat back to watch. The runner was the most spastic deer I’ve ever seen. She was running circles around the other two and making a ton of noise. The best part came when the spaz-deer tried to jump over a log and caught its front feet on the log and face-planted. I wish there had been enough light for a video.

~ by accordingtoleanne on October 21, 2011.

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