A snake in the grass…

Well, actually under my desk! We went into town to go grocery shopping yesterday, we came home and unloaded and I noticed Lucy was acting all spastic. At least more than usual. I figured there must have been thunder while we were gone and went about my business balancing checkbooks, etc at my desk. She kept acting weird and was staring at the corner I was in. I thought something must have fallen and scared her, so I got a flashlight and started investigating. I noticed one of our spider traps was under the desk (it had started out behind the fireplace) and thought maybe she had gotten her tail stuck in it like Hootie did a few months ago. I felt I had solved the mystery, so I bent under the desk to put it back. As I grabbed it, something big moved. I screamed and jumped to the point that The Sweetness thought I had electrocuted myself. There was a huge rat snake stuck in the trap! It was so unexpected and I didn’t have time to tell if it was a rattlesnake that I had in my hand, I kind of over-reacted. These traps are amazing. We’ve caught the snake and a mouse in them, not to mention hundreds of bugs. I ordered more and The Sweetness’ parents asked me to order 4 packs for them. Their website is www.springstar.net and one of the best things is that they are completely non toxic and cheap. You get a 6 pack for $6.95. We’ve been using ours for about 8 months and they are still going strong. We’re reordering to replace the ones that have caught big game (including cats). Here’s our catch from last night:

*I was not asked or compensated for this review. I’m just sharing a product that I think is excellent.

~ by accordingtoleanne on October 5, 2011.

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