Wedding Wrap Up

We spent the weekend recovering, but the wedding went off without any major hitches. The father of the bride had to go on an early morning emergency trip to the store to get a suit because they mis-calculated when the tux would arrive, but that worked out ok. We started the ceremony a little late because the groomsmen’s ties were missing, but no biggie. The only complaint we had with the venue was some idiots riding 4-wheelers and motorcycles pretty loudly nearby. Otherwise, it was beautiful and sweet. We took pictures after the ceremony and got most of them done before it started to rain, so we moved on to the INDOOR reception venue. I take the late rain as a good luck omen. We took home a ton of leftovers and went to bed by 8pm. I know, lame. We slept 15 hours that night.

~ by accordingtoleanne on September 12, 2011.

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