Bridal Shower!

We went to the bridal shower Monday and had an adventure on the way. The Sweetness’ mom, TJ picked up a kid on our way there. This kid was at least 3 miles from any houses on the main highway with no water and flimsy shoes. We stopped to see what he was doing and he said he was running away to a town 30 miles away and that he was going to walk there. He said he was 12 and that his babysitter was drunk and kicked him out of the house. We were on our way to the town he was headed to, so we gave him a ride up there and left him with some people he knew at a cafe. We headed off to the shower. We ate, played games and opened presents until TJ’s husband called and said the cops were after us for kidnapping. It pretty much ended the party, but everything turned out ok. Apparently, the parents were just scared, but were glad we picked him up.

Oh, yeah and the yellow jackets! They were everywhere!

~ by accordingtoleanne on September 6, 2011.

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