San Juan Brewing Company & Green Chile Beer

Yes. Green chile beer. I decided to take a chance on it since the last odd beer, a kiwi beer, I had at San Juan was pretty good. It is as odd as it sounds, but also quite good. It isn’t spicy as much as it has the flavor of roasted chiles. We even got a six-pack to take home.

On our last visit we had some appetizers to go with our beer. We had hot wings and calamari that were pretty good. This time, we decided to go for a full dinner. We had high hopes from the excellent beers we had in front of us and promising salad courses, but were let down by our main courses. I don’t know if it was an off night because the manager wasn’t there, but the food was sub-par. I ordered a grilled trout with mashed potatoes and The Sweetness ordered a Cajun Pasta with shrimp.

My trout was passable, but nothing to write home about. Honestly, I could have done better in my own kitchen. The real problem I had was with the corn and the potatoes. The corn was obviously frozen, freezer burned even and had a chewy stale texture. It wasn’t even prepared in any special way, maybe a bit a spice and butter. I moved on the the mashed potatoes to find a gummy, thick mess with far too much sour cream and not enough of anything else. I ate my trout without complaint and hoped The Sweetness had fared better than me.

His dish was linguine with a cream sauce, red peppers, shrimp and Cajun seasoning. At least, they called it Cajun seasoning. When I tried it I found overcooked pasta, overcooked chewy, tough shrimp and a one-dimensional, bland sauce. The sauce was over-sweet and I am convinced that a little citrus, the removal of the red peppers and adding some spice would have made this dish at least passable.

In any case, we were disappointed. When the waitress asked if everything was OK, we asked if she wanted the truth. We told her all of the above and she was very apologetic and  offered to take off one of our dishes and give us a free dessert. We’ll probably give them another try, but I really want to get in their kitchen and set their ‘chef’ straight.

~ by accordingtoleanne on August 11, 2011.

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