The prognosis on teeth

I’ve had this for awhile, but am just now getting the chance to look up what all this dribble means. This is what the orthodontist gave me to have looked at if there is ever technology that allows my teeth to be fixed, but not pulled out:

1. Flared lower incisors
2. Retrognathic maxilla (my lower jaw is underdeveloped)
3. Discolored upper left central incisor (possibly a partially dead tooth)
4. 4mm lower right space (where a perfectly good tooth was pulled)
5. 1mm anterior openbite (my teeth don’t close completely)
6. Class II molar left/class I molar right (some of my molars meet properly, some not)
7. End on overbite (my teeth meet end to end)
8. Click in right and left TM joints (jaw click)
9. Severe resorption of upper and lower incisors (My roots are too short)
10. Remodeled right and left condyles (my jaw is FUBAR)
11. Upper left 3rd molar present, others missing (I grew a 4th wisdom tooth after having them pulled).


~ by accordingtoleanne on July 20, 2011.

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