911 Scare

We had a big scare on Thursday night with The Sweetness’ 89 year old grandpa, Budd. I was over at his parent’s house talking to them while Budd was sitting at the table in the kitchen relaxing after dinner. We look over and he’s slumped over in his chair and isn’t responding to us. We panicked and tried to get him to respond. He was turning blue and getting clammy and wasn’t breathing at all. I called 911 and got them on the way while we tried to get him to breathe. Finally, it must have been at least 2 minutes, he coughed up a couple pieces of radish and started breathing a little. The volunteer fire department got here surprisingly fast and put him on some oxygen and he came back around. We were all pretty freaked out, it seemed like he was already gone. He even said he heard his late wife talking to him while he was unconscious. Whew, a close call for sure. I was shaky for awhile after everything was over, but glad it wasn’t a tragic night for us.

~ by accordingtoleanne on July 16, 2011.

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