Look ma! No Braces!

I got my braces off on Wednesday (I hadn’t blogged it yet because we’ve been having dramatics at home, I’ll tell you about it tomorrow). If you haven’t been reading, I went to continue my orthodontic treatment, but found out that continuing treatment would mean that I would likely loose my two front teeth. I opted to have my braces taken off rather than risk my front teeth. I spent 2 hours in the chair while the braces were taken off and everything was set up for slight improvements.

I was surprised when they came at me with glorified pliers and proceeded to pry the brackets off. I was convinced that they would use some sort of a glue dissolver, but no. That’d be too modern apparently. Once the hardware was off, they polished off the remaining glue.

The next task was to put in a permanent retainer. It’s basically wires cemented to the back of the front teeth. I’m pretty disappointed that I’ll have permanent hardware, but I suppose it will help to protect my endangered front teeth.

Finally they took molds for something called a splint that I’ll be wearing at night to slowly try to adjust my jaw a bit more. I also got another surprise. My x-rays showed a fourth wisdom tooth. I had 3 pulled when I was about 20. There were only 3 shown in x-ray at the time and it looked like that was all there would be. Apparently not.

After my torture session was over we went to San Luis Valley Brewing company and had a kiwi flavored beer. It was surprisingly good, so we took a growler home. We finished up the day with a little shopping and headed home.

~ by accordingtoleanne on July 15, 2011.

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