Braces are going down!

I went up to Alamosa to see my new orthodontist. He looked at my teeth and initially decided to pull another tooth and continue with traditional wires and bands.

Luckily, I had my xrays on my phone and after looking at them he decided we need to pull them off immediately because they are pulling my two front teeth out. My other two orthodontists didn’t notice, but the roots of my front teeth are half as short as the teeth. They should be a third longer than the teeth. I also should avoid getting hit in the face lest they be knocked out.

This means that the new plan is to remove my braces and put in retainers and splints to hold things as they are. I’m happy with them and won’t sacrifice my real front teeth to have everything exactly perfect. The main problem that is left is my bite, which is still slightly off and meets end to end.

Today we took wax impressions. Next week I am going back for xrays and an impression for the retainer. The week after that, my braces come off, the retainer goes on and we take an impression for the splint. Then next month, the splint goes in. I only have to wear the retainer at night! Sweet! It will work at night to adjust my jaw position slowly.

Unfortunately, this is going to cost me $1200. Ouch. But it has to be done.

~ by accordingtoleanne on June 28, 2011.

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