The Black Thumb Strikes Again

We were doing well with the garden and I was starting to think my cursed black thumb had gone into recession. Unfortunately, this appears not to be the case. We’ve been enjoying little radishes out of the garden with salt and eagerly anticipating our turnips, beets and bok choy. We went out one morning to see how things were coming along and saw this:

We aren’t sure what happened and it seems to have happened overnight. The Sweetness thinks it got too humid in the greenhouse. I think I’m cursed. We opened the windows in the greenhouse doors and have stopped using our soaker hoses, but still aren’t sure what’s causing it. It also looks like we have some visitors eating things. We know there are mice coming in because the tops of the radishes are munched down to the dirt and have little teeth marks on them. It seems like there are also some bugs chewing holes in the Bok Choy as well as something digging little holes in the pea patch. Grr. We’ll be putting some Diatomaceous Earth on the whole garden to get rid of the crawlies and hoping that the greens come back.

Aside from those issues. My herb garden was a near complete failure. Only the parsley came up. I bought some mint, cilantro and thyme from the store to make it less pathetic. I also planted some catnip for the kitties. I know they are hoping I don’t kill that. Oh well, you can’t be good at everything…

~ by accordingtoleanne on June 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Black Thumb Strikes Again”

  1. Probably chipmunks not mice as they dont eat green leaves. Seems the greenhouse got too hot and burned the radishes, they like it cool. Check for worm dropping on the bok choy. Lemon Joy applied with your spray attachment on the hose has been good for insect control in our garden.

  2. Hi Leanne! I love how Diatomaceous Earth has no synthetic chemicals, no odor or additives of any kind. It is also a completely natural product, that is inexpensive and non-toxic for warmblooded animals and humans. It doesn’t evaporate, or get old and stale. It is a natural mineral, and a very effective bed bugs killer. – Johann

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