Kitties beware!

I heard today from a friend that my ex has adopted and killed 2 cats. I am horrified but not really surprised. Apparently one got out and hasn’t been seen since. The other was half dead when he came home from work and died during the night. Given his history of being violent and prone to drinking and rages and passing out drunk, I would guess he had something to do with the cats’ ill fortunes. The question now is: do I call kitsap humane society and get him blacklisted?

~ by accordingtoleanne on May 31, 2011.

2 Responses to “Kitties beware!”

  1. Its a sad thing that even if you got him black listed there is always other ways to get animals. The man is very sick, and twisted.

    How sad for those poor trusting creatures. I’m praying karma comes back to him.

  2. ABSOLUTELY CALL!!! He is sick and twisted and I agree with Tiffany – I hope that Karma comes back to him tenfold – he is such a waste of humanity – I am so glad that you are both rid of him – Tiffany is safe in Japan with her love and Leanne you are safe with your love – stay that way – both of you!!! He is abusive, he is petulant, he is very sick and very, very dangerous!!!!!!!!!!

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