Bin Laden Rant

I’m starting to get pissed off at all these articles about ‘poor Bin Laden’ and ‘only one of his men shot at SEALS’. This is a person who set out to kill thousands of innocent Americans. This is not a person that we owe any courtesy to. We were not at war with him and he staged an act that I believe is a crime of war. Rules of engagement do not apply and I think it was merciful to kill him immediately. We afforded him more dignity that he deserved. Although it is always unfortunate when people die and I don’t condone the celebrations over a person’s death, he was asking for it. You can’t just attack a country and kill thousands and expect to go on your merry way. If military didn’t get him, a civilian with an axe to grind would have eventually and they probably wouldn’t have killed him quickly.

If he had been held, it would have been a media circus and there would be no way to hold a fair trial. It was cleaner and most likely more humane to kill him right away.

I also think we did him a service by burying him at sea. There is no way his remains could be protected. I have my doubts about how quickly he was disposed of and I’m not sure that I believe our government that he is actually dead, but if he is, that was the best way to inter his remains. He did terrible things, but death is punishment enough.

~ by accordingtoleanne on May 9, 2011.

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