Reading criminology before bed makes for strange dreams

Watching Bones is also strange. I had a dream that I was out at a lake swimming, I kept thinking it was weird that I was the only one there and then saw a body floating in the water. For some unknown reason, I went to get it. I got it onto shore and rolled it over to find it was my high school boyfriend. He coughed up some water and I discovered he had been shot through his torso right under his diaphram. Instead of calling 911, I took him to the hospital and met his parents and girlfriend there. I decided to go back and investigate and found a cabin nearby, found blood inside and some other details, but long story short, I solved the attempted murder and prosecuted 4 people by myself. Apparently, he knew who had shot him and thrown him in the lake, but a teenager pulled him out and took him home (to the cabin) but her, mom didn’t want to deal with it so they threw him back in the lake. I can’t remember the rest of the details, but I kicked some butt and solved the mystery. Oh, and by the way, apparently I was a journalist in this dream. Odd. I know.

~ by accordingtoleanne on April 16, 2011.

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