New Tattoo

I got my new tattoo last night and I’m good on tattoos for awhile. I sat for a little over 2 hours and was getting really close to my pain threshold. It’s odd since my first tattoo was about an hour and in gray-scale. I bled a lot but it wasn’t very painful. This one is quite a bit larger and in color. I have to say that color is a bit more painful than gray-scale. I think it’s because they have to go over spots that are already raw again and again with the different shades. Ouch! I was starting to shake a bit by the end and was sick for a few hours, but I’m super happy with the result. I’m still pretty sore and it’s a pain to keep it clean and keep my clothes off of it (it’s on my hip).

The artist who did it has only been tattooing for 3 years officially, but you couldn’t tell. He was super professional and good with everything, plus he’s super cheap! He was late getting started and didn’t want to charge me for the tattoo because of it, but I insisted he take a $40 tip for his time and hard work. I’ll definitely be going back and I’ll be recommending him heavily in this area.

~ by accordingtoleanne on April 16, 2011.

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  1. Looks very nice!

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