Cleaning for Millionaires

Yesterday, I spent the day with T. & P. cleaning the local eccentric millionaire’s house. He’s 88, a pack-rat and doesn’t/can’t clean. He’s a riot though. I’ll call him Mr. L. We got there about 9am after he tried to talk us out of coming because he’s embarrassed that it’s such a mess.

T. and I got to work on his late wife’s bedroom and getting it cleaned out so that he could have an office for all his paperwork. P. got stuck cleaning the kitchen and almost puked. That’s impressive since he’s a hunter and spends his spare time gutting large game. LOL! We knew better than to get involved with the kitchen!

Mr L was pretty concerned that we would find “porno picture books” in the bedroom and kept coming back to ask us if we had found any, to tell us there was a young guy that was staying in that room and he hadn’t looked in there since he left, and that if we found any that we should give it to hi so he could rip it up and burn it. Obviously, these were his, but we never found any ‘picture books’.

We worked our way out of the bedroom to finish the living room and kitchen. 8 hours later and about 10 times emptying the Dyson canister, we were exhausted and called it a day. We left his bedroom and bathroom for his son to handle and we will go back next week to see how his projects are going. We left him with 3 fifty gallon trash bags of dirty laundry to work on and some papers to go through.

P paid me $100 for my trouble (which was entirely too generous!) and Mr L let us take anything we found that we liked. I found an old Stieff bear with his tag still attached, a few nice knives for my sweetness and some other things that are going to be gifts, so I can’t tell what they are yet.

~ by accordingtoleanne on March 17, 2011.

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