DC trip

I’ve been putting off posting my trip summary from DC because I took so many pictures, but here it is.

My flight was delayed before I even left Seattle, so I missed my connection in Charlotte and was tossed onto a plane to Dulles. No one bothered to tell me that I was going to Dulles, rather than Reagan (a difference of about 30 miles) so I hopped into a cab when I arrived at midnight expecting a 5 minute ride. But no, I ended up driving through the wilds of VA in the dark with a guy that I’m not sure spoke English. I finally got to the hotel, exhausted, a little freaked and stuck with a $60 fare. I went to bed pretty soon after arriving.

The next day, I headed out to the National Mall to see the memorials. I got lost after getting off the subway, but a homeless guy sold me a map and pointed me in the right direction. I saw the Washington Monument, the White House, the Lincoln Monument and the Vietnam War Memorial. I had a few odd experiences with these places. First, I went inside the Washington Monument, it was cool, but really crowded. The white house was a disappointment. It’s a lot smaller than it looks on TV and in pictures. I also wasn’t allowed to touch the fence to get a picture. I did see an albino squirrel though. On my way to the Lincoln, I noticed that someone had thrown a dirty diaper into the reflecting pool and it was actually quite filthy and empty. At the monument, there was a sign for quiet and respect, but there were teenagers and kids running around screaming. That pissed me off. I went back to our hotel to relax before our ghost tour. The ghost tour was great. We walked around Presidents park and saw Dolly Madison’s house, a church that’s bell only rings when a president dies and the back of the White House. It’s much prettier from the back.

The day after it was pouring. I got off the metro and ran into the same homeless guy and he sold me an umbrella. Quite the industrious fellow! I spent the day in the Smithsonian Museum, the National Archives and went to see the Capitol Building. I loved the Smithsonian and spent most of the day there. I saw the Hope Diamond and lots of other amazing things. I had my pepper spray taken away at the National Archives, which is ironic considering it’s where the Bill of Rights is kept. I couldn’t get past the second set of steps of the Capitol Building, so I headed back to the metro to meet Cabo for dinner.

On my last day, I went to Arlington Cemetary, the National Art Museum and the Jefferson Monument. Arlington was one of my favorites places of my trip. I took a tour that included a lot of history and learned some really interesting things. One thing was that the land used to belong to Robert E Lee. Apparently, he had once said that he’d never fight against his home state of Virginia, so when the state went to the Confederacy, he moved to Richmond and was offered command of the army. Eventually, the land was taken from his family for unpaid back taxes and he was unable to recover it because of conditions in his surrender to Union forces. His son finally got the land back after suing the government and winning because they were not given due process to pay the fines. When they got there, they found 16000 Union soldiers buried in their backyard. They demanded the graves and bodies be moved or that the government pay them fair market value for the land. The government paid out $150,000 for the land and it is still in use today. Only 600 some acres are still used for the cemetery, the rest is occupied by the Pentagon and National airport. There was a lot more historical information, but it was a beautiful place. I was a little irritated by some tourists that were chatty and laughing loudly. There were services going on that day and sounds carry there. The last thing I’d want to hear as my loved one is being interred is laughing tourists. There were also a few people who were rude enough to photograph services and grieving families. I took very few photos because I felt doing so was disrespectful.

I went to the Art Museum next and spent a long time there, but didn’t see any prominent paintings that were supposed to be there. I attempted to see the Jefferson Monument, but it was under construction, so I only saw it from afar.

We came home Friday and unpacked before heading out to Hylander’s party.

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~ by accordingtoleanne on November 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “DC trip”

  1. what a guy taking u all these wonderful places!

  2. where do u suppose your super awesome 1 of a kind mate will take you next? I sure wish someone would take me on adventures like that…. -CW

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